Infrastructure Planning

A Better Approach to Infrastructure Planning

AmericaTech, Inc. Infrastructure Planning provides a complete package of Enterprise Infrastructure Resources Planning, Design and Implementation process. Our industry experienced, skilled and certified resources will research your business needs and give you the best possible Infrastructure Planning Solutions among your budget. Our technical engineers will prepare a collection of documents that leads the reader through a sequence of core decision points to design an infrastructure for Microsoft and other giant vendors’ platform. It also provides a means to validate design decisions with the business to ensure that the solution meets the requirements for both business and infrastructure stakeholders.

As your business grows you will find that you need to move to bigger or better offices, or take on more people. These have implications for your IT systems. You may have to look into:

  • Networking
  • Integrating additional machines into an existing system or just
  • Getting all the machines you have to talk to each other without conflict or compromising data security.
  • Our team are on hand to analyse all the steps you need to take to achieve a seamless transition and to ensure that everything works properly afterwards.

AmericaTech, Inc. strictly safeguard your decisive computing infrastructure by continuously monitoring server and networks elements to overhaul problems before users are affected. Protect your IT environment from virus attacks, unauthorized users and other security threats.

      • We make your organization more responsive in a hyper-competitive environment
      • Ensure your IT infrastructure line-up with business objectives
      • Evaluate and plan your infrastructure technology Enhance the efficacy, availability and responsiveness of your IT for end-users & customers
      • Lower your total cost of ownership