IT Strategy & Consulting

Describe, design and execute IT strategies that drive business growth

Mobility. Cloud computing. Big data. They have radically changed the business landscape. To quickly turn these advances into competitive advantages, you need an IT consulting partner with innovative solutions, well-defined solid strategies and deep domain expertise. We have expanded substantially, and Strategic has provided IT solutions to meet our growing demands every step of the way. They are not just an outside consulting company because they operate as our own IT department, by managing every aspect of our technology needs. Recently, they helped coordinate the relocation of our headquarters, and their staff worked around the clock to get the job done and ensure business was not interrupted. We highly recommend Strategic IT Consulting.

We Focus on Technology So You Can Focus on Business.

Our IT Strategy & Consulting services include:

  • Decision facilitators for IT investments
  • Expertise in complex technologies, tools and processes
  • Advice based on knowledge and laboratory results from our global Centers of Excellence
  • Insight from in-depth field experience with customers across a wide range of industries

The role of an Information Technology (IT) department is to enable business by ensuring full support of the organization’s business plan and strategic initiatives. With IT playing such a large role in an organization, it is hard to believe that many companies view IT as an implementation tool that is often added to a business plan as an afterthought. This way of thinking leads to a disconnect between IT and business strategy, a lack of IT visibility, and reactive behavior rules. By instead developing a business-driven IT strategy, you can ensure complete IT and business strategy alignment. This also leads to more adaptable technology throughout the organization, therefore facilitating an agile business strategy. Through the use of an application roadmap and IT assessment, AmericaTech, Inc. has developed a complete, business-driven IT strategy solution to meet your company’s critical business objectives.